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God is with us every day and has placed you where you can bloom and shine for Jesus to others.

Work the Word

Keep this toolbox close at hand and use its tools properly to do what God has called you to do.

Rising Like Joseph

We could all take a lesson from Joseph about what to do in times of waiting, loneliness and hardship.

The Holidays with Jesus

Take it from Jesus; He knows a thing or two about the fickleness of loved ones.

Your Checklist

This checklist of verses will help you realize how much or little God is leading your path.

The Process of Trust

Trust needs to be developed for as we trust God, our faith develops as well.

How Greater Faith Can Be Yours

Learn how viewing your prayer results with excitement and anticipation can bring greater faith in what God can do!

Don't Bite the Apple

The apple of sin may look appetizing but don't let your senses be deceived.
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