The Anti-Biblical Beliefs Associated With the 'Disney Worldview'

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Mulan is a popular Disney animation that was recently released again as a live action movie. The plot concerns a young Chinese girl who refuses to accept the norm for girls maturing into womanhood. When the empire is threatened by invaders, without her family's knowledge, she cuts her hair, dons her father's soldier-regalia, takes his sword, leaves on horseback, impersonates a man and is conscripted into the army. After training, she goes to war. To everyone's amazement, she saves the empire through her bravery and military skills—skills that are supernaturally enhanced.

As in many books and films, the protagonist (Mulan) is a "messianic-symbol"—a self-sacrificing person willing to endure grave danger to conquer an enemy that seems superior in power to bring freedom and security to others.

On her father's sword are inscribed Chinese characters meaning loyal, brave and true. Later, the emperor gives Mulan a similar sword with a fourth Chinese character meaning devotion to family. Does this make Mulan a positive role model for our children in the hope that they will pursue similar character traits? Well—yes and no.

Why would I be ambiguous in answering? Because mixed with the story of Mulan's shining character are four basic beliefs from Taoism that are very anti-biblical:

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Chi—The existence of "chi" as ultimate reality, an all-pervasive, impersonal force in the universe that supposedly brought forth the universe and flows through all living things.

False gods—Devotion to a bird-like deity named "the Phoenix" is celebrated (the female counterpart of the male dragon in Chinese mythology).

Ancestor worship and necromancy—Mulan's father prays to their ancestors and expects their intervention and protection.

Witchcraft—Witchcraft is presented as a somewhat acceptable practice (something that often happens in Disney films) because the evil witch tells Mulan that they are the same (in other words, their power comes from the same source).

So should you let your children watch Mulan? The answer may surprise you. Hear the rest of the discussion on this episode of Revealing the True Light on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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