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Back From the Dead

Bruce Natta should have died but miraculously survived a horrific accident. Here's how God restored Bruce with a healing that baffles doctors.

Kynan Bridges

This Is the Year of Supernatural Favor

"This is the year of supernatural favor." That's what Kynan Bridges believes the Lord told him. Watch the latest episode of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural.

Dr. Michael Brown

5 Minutes Inside Eternity

Five minutes inside eternity, many will wish they had sacrificed more, wept more, grieved more, loved and prayed more, and given more. What about you?


Can an Angel Direct Your Travel Steps?

When a group of people landed in Seoul, South Korea, with no guide and no clue where to go, a woman showed up not just once but three times to direct them where to go. Was it an angel?  


Why I Believe in Miracles

Once you read this article, you will understand why Don Nordin still believes God is in the miracle business. 

A Letter to John MacArthur

The Strange Fire author and I have much in common, despite his assault against my theology

Perry Stone

Perry Stone Offers Keys to Signs and Seasons

Perry Stone pioneered an understanding of the Hebraic roots of the book of Revelation, the key to the signs and the seasons we are living in. Get equipped with this video teaching.

An Atheist Encounters God

Dr. Reggie Anderson left his childhood Christian faith after his family was brutally murdered. He embraced atheism and the god of science until he had a dream that changed everything.

God Rescues Ministry From Fire

Jeanne Thicke Sanderson heard three loud explosions next door. The children she takes care of screamed that she was on fire. Here's how God protected Jeanne and her children.

A Hobo's Gift

A pastor and his church are forever changed by an unexpected gift that came from a hobo.

Paying It Forward

When God heals you, He may want to then heal others through you

Bruce Van Natta

Supernatural Encounters With God

Watch videos of Bruce Van Natta and Dr. Reggie Anderson sharing supernatural encounters they've had with Jesus' presence, protection and provision

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