Blessing Israel After the Rapture


If you know about the rapture, you probably anticipate it, even pray for it. But are you prepared for it? A few years ago, I had an extraordinary conversation that opened my eyes, began a dialogue and triggered a theological precedent that's taking off.

I was speaking with Anne Graham Lotz. Over the years, we have fellowshipped together, prayed for one another and have become good friends. There are not enough good words to say about Anne: her warmth, her faith, her love of Israel and so much more. It is a relationship that I cherish. When I look to biblical examples, she is very much a Ruth.

In that remarkable conversation, Anne asked me how I would feel if she would leave me her possessions after she is raptured. It was a conversation for which I could not have been less prepared and one which I will never forget. "What a beautiful affirmation of your faith," I said, "and an expression of your heart for Israel to stand with and bless Israel, even after you're no longer here. I love it and would be privileged to be part of that." Some time later, Anne shared with me that should the rapture take place before her death, she had signed documents that leave her home to me. It still moves me deeply to think about this and everything that it represents, just like Ruth and her love for Naomi and the Jewish people.

While there are different views of the rapture, the point is that whether or not one is raptured before dying or not, there are many ways that Christians can leave a huge legacy, supporting and standing with Israel and the Jewish people. In fact, according to Dr. David Pitcher, Christians not only can do this, it's an imperative to do so. Dr. Pitcher wrote the book: "After the Rapture—Passing the Torch." It details biblical reasons and practical steps why and how Christians should leave their assets to the Jewish people. It is "an eye opener (teaching) about end-times with authority (whose) message will convict your heart." You can get your copy of "After the Rapture" here.

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A growing number of Christians have chosen to stand with Israel, to bless Israel, even after they are no longer here. Much of this is being done through what's known as legacy gifts; donations made whose impact carries on after one's death. It's a common means of supporting charities and causes that one feels strongly about after death. The most common are bequests, life insurance and donation of appreciated assets. There are many tax advantages for the donor as well as the beneficiary charity. Announcing one's intention to do so also makes sure that his/her loved ones understand that blessing Israel is an important part of their legacy.

These are innovative and special, blessing Israel and being blessed even after one is not alive. It embodies Ruth's vow to Naomi. Because of Ruth's righteousness and standing with Israel, she merited to become the great-grandmother of King David, leader of Israel and from whose bloodline Messiah comes. I am not God but I believe strongly in His promise to bless those who bless Israel. There's no more unique and impactful way to prepare to do so with the inevitability that one is no longer alive on earth but in heaven.

As an organization responsible to build bridges between Jews and Christians and Christians with Israel, the Genesis 123 Foundation has launched an effort to enable Christians to affirm and be part of Ruth's legacy while leaving their own.

Jonathan Feldstein was born and educated in the U.S. and immigrated to Israel in 2004. He is married and the father of six. Throughout his life and career, he has been blessed by the calling to fellowship with Christian supporters of Israel and shares experiences of living as an Orthodox Jew in Israel. He is president of the Genesis 123 Foundation, which builds bridges between Jews and Christians and writes regularly for a variety of prominent Christian and conservative websites. Inspiration from Zion is the popular webinar series and podcast that he hosts. He can be reached at

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