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Ethan Was Only 3

This true story is a textbook example of this and it encourages us to ask our children the right questions.

When Jesus Becomes an Idol

It crystallized for me in a moment several weeks ago in a weekly Sunday morning worship service.

Subdue the Oppressor

The enemy will work to undo everything God has done, but Jesus!

The Believer's Kryptonite

We must steward our own belief system and conduct our lives in a way that glorifies God.

3 Spiritual Warfares

I was basically a walking civil war, and each one of my conditions were the spiritual wrestling matches I would face every day.

Warnings From God

What lies ahead for those who haven't repented should scare any rational person.

7 Signs You Need Deliverance

Learn the difference between being oppressed and being possessed and what to do when you recognize the signs.
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