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How to Dismantle the Enemy's Plans

Discover how to develop a Christlike identity by breaking the most binding force of the enemy—¬≠¬≠double-mindedness.

When it comes to the Oregon massacre, we still don't know all the facts and, at this point, only God knows the motivation of the murderer. But we do know there is a growing national climate of extreme hostility towards Christianity.

Michael Brown: The Demonization of Christianity

Can you imagine what would have happened if the shooter went into a creative arts class, asked the students to declare their sexual orientation, and if they said "gay" shot them in the head?

How do you battle something that is purely evil?

How Do You Fight Deep Evil?

The devil wants to destroy you, to completely ruin your life. How do you fight back and win?

Roger Bannister

How to Win When Victory Seems Lost

This one thing will cause us to endure and not quit, cause us to look shamelessly at circumstances that would cause the strongest person to crumble, and lead us in the same victory lap as Christ.

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