Take Your God-Given Rights Back From the Devil!

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How successful would an innocent man — who neither knows the system nor his rights — be if he were accused of a crime he didn't commit? Might I be so bold as to say that he'd be in a losing battle! In the natural, he'd seek legal help and his lawyer would fight the system for him, showing him his rights and going to court to set him free.

Today, I'm here to tell you that you're acting like that innocent man when it comes to the spiritual realm and your rights! Let me give you a quick history lesson to bring my point into perspective.

God the Father created the heavens and the earth. Everything was good until the leader of the morning stars (the worship angels) got jealous of the adoration God was getting and tried to take it for himself. On that day, he and a third of the angels were cast out of heaven and the war of the ages started.

From that very moment, Satan made it his life's ambition to overthrow the Lord and undermine anything related to Him. In fact, he loved the Lord's system so much he created his own counterfeit kingdom.

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In the Garden of Eden, he made his best move using deception and won a great victory when he made Adam and Eve sin. He seized control of the earth and became its dictator. From that very moment, the earth transformed from a place of beauty and harmony into a place of sin and everything evil under the sun.

This all changed when a single, perfect man paid the ultimate price: His life. The only way to pay the price of sin was for a life to be given in its place. Jesus took the burden upon Himself and overcame. In that moment, the world was liberated and a transfer of power took place. Jesus' act transferred the title of this world into His hands and under His covering. Satan was ousted from power and Jesus took His place!

I want you to think on that. If you can get that penny to drop, you've just been given your first right as a citizen of God's kingdom. Jesus is your rightful liberator and you don't have to answer to Satan.

So why do us Christians worry so much about what the enemy is doing and how powerful he is? He's only as powerful as we allow him to be. An ousted leader of a country has no power unless the people allow him to have a voice and allow him to influence them. I don't know of any country that would allow that to happen, except one... us Christians!

If the Lord is the one who's the most blessed person in this world and withholds nothing from us, why aren't you walking in that blessing in every area of your life? Why do you have signs of sickness, lack, fear and worry at work in your life? Simply put, we're still listening to the lies of the ousted dictator.

Child of God, it's time for you to walk in the rights given to you on the day you were born again. My grandson had the full rights of an American citizen from the moment he was born yet he couldn't speak. In time he'll mature and will get to know his rights better to stand on them more. It's the same for you; a born-again citizen of Christendom. Blood and life paid for your liberty and kingdom rights. Never forget that.

So next time you face a situation and Satan tries to accuse you, I want you to go in there knowing your rights! I want you to bite like a bulldog and say, "No! I won't allow this dictator and his accusations any place in my life. I invoke the rights the Lord Jesus gave to me; my birthright and stipulation given to me in the Bible!"

That focus and attitude alone will bring a transformation to you and to the situations you're facing. Add some of the spiritual warfare tools we teach in our podcasts (NextGen Prophets), books and courses and the devil better get running! I won't lie; Satan will put up a fight because he'll want to see how much you believe in your rights. Once you make your point that you won't budge, he'll think twice before messing with you again.

I leave you with this Scripture:

"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10, NKJV).

Apostle Craig Toach is the co-leader of the #NextGenProphets team and of Toach Ministries International. His passion is to bring heaven to earth in prayer and decree! He is most known among those close to him as a father and friend and covets his role as a spiritual father to many in the body of Christ. He leads alongside his wife, Apostle Colette Toach, making this power duo a pillar of fire in the hands of the Father! Receive daily prophetic words from Apostle Craig Toach and the #NextGenProphets Team.

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