Showdown With the Witch Doctor: Turning the Tables on the Devil

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It had been a long week of ministry in Haiti. The miracle crusade had been a powerful success. Many were born again; scores were healed, and the delivering power of God was manifest as throngs were set free from demon power.

An unexpected invitation had come in near the week's end. I had been so graciously invited to travel to the summit of a mountain region situated north of Port au Prince. One of the pastors had invited me to trek to his village and so graciously asked if I would preach the Sunday service.

It had not been on my set itinerary for the week; nonetheless, I accepted and began the long arduous journey that Saturday up the mountain side. The terrain was so rough and the incline so step that the donkeys were outpacing our automobile. The location was so rural and remote that I began to ask the Lord if anyone even lived on this mountain top. It seemed we barely even passed any of the Haitian population during the climb.

Once I crested the mountaintop, to my surprise, it opened up to a beautiful plateau dotted with villages and a humble rural church. We made it to the church just prior to nightfall and quickly were led into our sleeping quarters to get some rest and be prepared for the service the following day.

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Suddenly, at approximately 7 p.m., a great commotion erupted.

There were drums rhythmically banging, dancing and shouting. It literally caused the plywood walls of our quarters to shake and seemed so close. I quickly stepped outside to be greeted by the pastor's son. "What is going on?" I asked.

His response, "A voodoo ceremony."

It sounded so close, almost as if it was coming from the church sanctuary.

"The witchdoctor lives next door; do you want to see?" he offered.

I was furious. "Absolutely!" came my response, and we walked across the sanctuary and stood in the threshold where we watched as the entire village was assembled only 40 feet away in the backyard of the voodoo priest.

I asked the Lord, "Do you want me to go over there?"

His response was swift: "No, go lay down. Tonight, they are calling on their gods. In the morning, you will call on Me, and I will answer by fire."

The following morning, just as the service began, a report came.

The witch doctor was sitting on his porch next door, only feet away, and had begun to make incantations in an attempt to thwart what God was doing. Yet even then, he was powerless to stop it, and I cast demons out of two young women. I finally had enough. I looked over at the witch doctor and released the word of the Lord. "Witch doctor, the hand of the Lord is surely against you, and He shall drive you from this mountaintop."

I wrapped up the service that morning, then climbed in my awaiting vehicle and headed back to Port au Prince.

I had not thought much of that incident until I was back in Haiti the following year and once again received an invitation to return to that very mountain. As we arrived, my friend, the pastor, began to show me around and was so very proud of all the renovations they had made since my visit only a year before.

Then suddenly and without hesitation, he led me through the very doorway from where just one year ago we watched that terrible ceremony. Yet we didn't stop, and soon we now were walking onto the adjacent property. My friend then led me inside of what was once the voodoo priest's home. I stopped and asked, "Where did the witch doctor go?"

To this day I can still hear the word of that pastor's voice as he responded, "I don't know ... he just disappeared!"

Immediately, I was quickened by the Spirit as He spoke to me, "Not one word you speak in My name will fall to the ground void."

Not only did the Lord drive that worker of iniquity from the mountaintop, but He gave the church his entire property!

It is now past time that we stop allowing the enemy to harass and assault our lives.

Now is the time to turn the tables.

Straighten up your back, stomp your foot, point your finger in the face of the devil and command him to put it back! This is your season for divine turnaround.

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Chad MacDonald is the founder of Revival Fire World Ministries, an international prophetic voice, revivalist, published author and host of The Voice of Revival on the Charisma Podcast Network. Carrying an apostolic anointing, Chad travels extensively through the United States and internationally. His meetings are marked with the tangible presence of God and accompanied by powerful signs and wonders. His heart burns to see a return to true Pentecostal power and the body of Christ equipped to carry the glory of God. Chad currently resides in Chattanooga with his wife and three children. You can check out more at

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