4 Keys to Stop Tolerating and Start Breaking a Jezebel Spirit

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Jezebel's hold cannot be tolerated over any ministry, and it must be broken. Jesus had some incredibly stern and intense words for the church of Thyatira. Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel . . . —Revelation 2:20, NIV.

Jesus understood the power and influence of the spirit of Jezebel and wanted this spirit broken off the church in Thyatira. He plainly said that these people tolerated Jezebel. The definition for
the English word tolerate gives insight into why Jesus made such a statement against this church.

Tolerate—to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of [something that one does not necessarily like or agree with] without prohibition or hindrance; permit.

What makes this so significant is the fact that not only was the spirit of Jezebel not agreed with, but also she was not interfered with. The leaders of Thyatira allowed her to manifest in their church, and this was tragic! Jezebel will never be conquered unless she is confronted. It was so terrible to Jesus that He said, "I am holding this against you." We must never tolerate what Jesus wants us to obliterate.

Jesus held this tolerant attitude against this church because He was fully cognizant of the damage the spirit of Jezebel could inflict. In the same way He wanted the church in Thyatira to be aware of the spirit of Jezebel, He wants us to be as well. But it is not enough to just be aware of her; she must be dealt with.

1. Allow God to deal with you before you deal with anyone else.

This is of extreme importance. When you come against this spirit, it is important that your heart be pure before the Lord. Ask God to guide you, lead you, and direct you. Search your heart and empty yourself of all anger and bitterness toward the person you are confronting.

2. If you are not a spiritual leader, find one.

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Recognize your own potential for operating in the Jezebel spirit. It is imperative for you to walk in submission to a God-ordained spiritual leader. You must come to them first and then submit to their council. It is best if they confront the person dominated by this spirit with you.

If this leader says not to approach the person you believe to be under the control of Jezebel, then don't approach them. Realize you have done what you could and should do, and continue to make this a matter of prayer.

3. Approach this person in humility and determination.

Pride is an incredible hindrance to any and all work of the Lord. Be led by the law of love. If you pridefully approach this person, filled with a religious spirit, you have lost before you even started. This encounter must find its very roots in prayer. Personally submit to the Holy Spirit, and come not only as a revealer but also as a healer. Be determined, but don't be detrimental to this person's life and walk. Your issue is with Jezebel, not the person. Meekness, gentleness, and humility will bring you the victory.

4. Pray, pray, and pray again.

Pray for the person caught by the Jezebel spirit and all Jezebel influences. Prayer binds Jezebel. Declare in faith that every chain of control that this spirit has over the lives of people is destroyed and broken. Declare freedom, healing, joy, and peace in the mighty name of Jesus.

Remember, the power of Christ is greater than the power of Satan, so do not fear! Stand against the stronghold of Jezebel, hold tightly to victory, and do not be denied!

Jim Raley is the senior pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Florida. He is the author of Hell's Spells, from which this article was excerpted.

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