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Overcoming Obstacles

Making sure to dodge these obstacles can ensure you stay connected to God's plan for you.

Make Your Life Count!

If you know the greatest news to help people reach heaven, why don't you share it?

God's Man, Plan and Timing

If you want to rush God's timing, Moses' plight should show you it's better to wait.

Desire to Win

That life lesson from my Sensei in 1974 once again gave me the courage and strength to continue to fight.

Work the Word

Keep this toolbox close at hand and use its tools properly to do what God has called you to do.

Rising Like Joseph

We could all take a lesson from Joseph about what to do in times of waiting, loneliness and hardship.

Faith For The Impossible

He began his faith with God as a small boy; nothing would prepare him for how God would honor his faith!


If you kept to the Law as much as possible, does it change the fact that you need God's grace?

Faith of God

You have been given all the faith you need so why don't you believe God has given it to you?
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