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Is God Your Focus?

When we open the door to sin, it can steal our focus but we cannot blame the enemy for everything.

Restoring the Soul

You may feel like you are in pieces, but your brokenness isn't permanent. 

Do You Desire the Gift?

Speaking in tongues does not exalt one believer's ability or anointing over the next.

The King and His Kingdom

Those who belong to Jesus can rest assured that our firm foundation will never be shaken.

Is Your City Possessed?

The evidence of oppression is high-crime rates, drug-dealers, corruption, systemic poverty and more.

Kingdom Violence in Violent Times

During reformation, revolution and revival, we are called to be motivated by violent love that denies selfishness and entitlement.

Fighting Fear

As a missionary in communist Poland, she experienced a fear unlike anything she'd known before. Here's what she learned.

Houses of Glory

Jesus Himself will take center stage as His supernatural power flows through communities led by spiritual fathers and mothers.

Keep Going

"Failure isn't in stopping; it's in quitting." Learn the difference. 

Victory Over Despair

The love of Christ released through the Resurrection gives you the hope of glory and triumph over sin.
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