God Is Calling the Intercessors: The Church's Esther Moment!


Today, our current news is riddled with the plight of Americans, Christians and the Afghan people who are currently under siege. The cry that plagues our hearts says, "We must do something." The question of "Who do we turn to?" has been answered by people like Glenn Beck and the Nazarene Fund, who raised over 22 million dollars to provide transport to those trapped. Worship ministers like Sean Feucht are calling people to fast and pray. United States veterans have once again answered the call of duty to rescue those who were left behind. And these are just a few.

Christians must not leave deliverance to others. We are called to be intercessors. Oxford English Dictionary defines an intercessor as "a person who intervenes on the behalf of another, especially by prayer." Sometimes God calls us to pray on behalf of another. In so doing, we are helping to bear their burdens and bring about victories on their behalves. Then there are times when we must do more than pray. We must be the ones who stand in the gap for others by actually doing something about it. "If one of you says to them, 'Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,' but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?" (James 2:16). He makes the point that doing such a thing is saying you have faith but no actions to back it up. That's the equivalent of dead works.

Throughout Scripture, there are multiple examples of those who stood in the gap, from the midwives who refused to obey Pharaoh in killing all the male children born, to Mordecai, who exposed a plot to kill the king. All the Israelites fasted on Esther's behalf. Then Esther, who at the risk of death, made intercession for her people. Or David, though just a shepherd boy, ran toward the giant when no one else would and cut off his head. Jael, a cunning housewife, took a tent peg and killed King Sisera. Debra, a judge, led Israel into battle when the men would not. Gideon, though afraid, took only 300 men with nothing but trumpets, torches and pots and defeated the enemies of Israel. Let's not forget Samson, who took on hundreds and hundreds of men by himself. The roster is simply too long to list.

Today, I believe the Lord is asking us if we will enlist. Will we be those who join in their number? Will we fight for freedom? Will we stand against ungodly edicts? Will we take on the enemy, believing God will give us the victory? Will we get involved and not stand idly by while we watch the enemy advance? Will we be the intercessors?

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We have been given armor because there is a battle to win, and, beloved, we can win it! For more on this topic, you can listen to my podcast series The Church's Esther Moment starting with episode No. 12.

Jaime Luce is an author, blogger, podcaster, speaker and monthly contributor to Charisma Magazine. She attended The Kings University in Southlake, Texas, with studies in biblical and theological studies. Her constant endeavor in every mode of communication is to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ through the power of God's Word. Her website is jaimeluce.com. You can reach her by email at mail@jaimeluce.com.

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