The Great Reset!: False Teachers: Good and Evil: No WWIII And More!


Repetition of what God is telling us is coming is a wonderful way to learn and put on the full armor of God in the last days. This is the goal for my podcast. This month, I am addressing many fears and concerns in twelve podcasts, episodes 51 through 62, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. My Thursday episodes (53, 56, 59 and 61) address four aspects of The Great Reset. God tells us how to be looking at this in conjunction with prophecies 13-21, yet to be fulfilled along His 24 End-Time Prophecies road map; the comparisons are astounding! Here is a brief outline of what will be covered in October.

Episode 51 explains the False World Peace that is coming that will align with the Great Reset. God tells us exactly how it will come about and why ... He has a plan. Episode 54 will explain Agenda 2030, which coincides with The Great Reset. What I will share with you is quite interesting. Episode 55 will address False Prophets and Scholars in the last days. We must remember the greatest prophet and scholar of all time was Jesus! The Pharisees thought they were the smartest and wisest, and hated the Man who truly was. They hated Jesus so much that they helped send Him to the cross. If someone claims to be a prophet or scholar today, God gives us direction to be able to determine if their teachings are accurate by their fruits; in other words, following only the Bible. When we assess their teachings with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to clarify if they are on God's team or are playing for the other side.

Episode 57 covers The Battle of Good and Evil in the last days. Episode 58 explains how there Will Be No WWIII or EMP Attack until after Christians are raptured. God has amazing reasons for this to be true. Episode 60 explains The Shout by Jesus When He Returns In the Clouds, it is not the rapture ... this is good news when we understand why! Episode 61 explains what The End of the World means; both the secular version and God's version are quite different.

We are "blessed" to be living within the most exciting time in world history. God is amazing!

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