Visible Rapture, the Antichrist, Great Tribulation: Your End-Times Questions Answered

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There are many issues confusing Christians today, this is unfortunate. In my last article I shared that the rapture is not designed to be imminent. This appears to be a hard concept for some to accept. In the first episode, I provide biblical support showing the rapture cannot come in secret; it will be a grand worldwide visual statement. The announcement Jesus makes when He comes back in the clouds is "the arrival of the tribulation," the 70th week of Daniel. The archangel comes with Jesus; his first action as the commander for Jesus during the entire Tribulation is to call believers up in a visual rapture. God's visual rapture occurs in seven distinct events. I provide details in Episode 17.

In my first 20 episodes, I use hundreds of bible verses to explain issues that have Christianity confused today. For instance, the "thief in the night" is not the rapture! It is God stealing away a false peace that has arrived, per Luke 17:26-36, from the unsuspecting secular world. The "twinkling of an eye" is not the rapture happening and—poof—we are gone. It is the final seventh piece of God's seven-part visual rapture event. In Episode 23, I show that the Tribulation cannot be happing today. The "mark of the beast" happens after the midpoint of the seven-year tribulation. It must be a visible mark on either a person's forehead or right hand. It is not a chip or an injection or a vaccine verification card. Finally, The Great Reset seems to be very frightening to believers. God tells us a one-world government must come. It then breaks into 10 divisions with 10 leaders. Then an 11th leader will arrive; this person will become the Antichrist. And yes, we will get to see who he is. He needs to be here to sign a "covenant agreement" with Israel to protect them from something horrible that will have recently arrived on earth, placing Israel in danger. This covenant formally starts the Tribulation period that Jesus will have announced in the clouds mere hours earlier when He also took us in the visual rapture. This covenant is not a peace treaty! This agreement is between the Antichrist and Israel, not Israel and other nations, so the Abraham Accords do not qualify.

We live in an incredible moment in history. God is telling us an amazing story about what has already been fulfilled and what is about to arrive. It is all fantastic news for those of us that love and place all our trust in Jesus the Christ, our Messiah.

I offer two books on God's 24 end-time prophecies if you might like to know more on this subject. Please visit us at I suggest starting with my novel The Pastor of the Last Days, as this is a short fun read; the last chapter is exciting!

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Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

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