An Excellent Witness

A vision came to Neal and Danette Childs of a Christian school in Muslim-occupied Niger; a decade later, it's a reality.

Holy Ghost Gas Station

A chance encounter at a gas station changed the life of one man forever!

Apostolic Sons

Being a son of God means we are called to specific purposes for God.

When God Puts the Pieces Together

This pastor and author shares how God gave him Now What, a little book about salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to share with the world

Called and Rewarded

As this holiday season approaches, give people the greatest gift they could ever receive!

A Crisis Within a Crisis!

We must deal with the crisis in the church first before we can deal with the crisis in the world.

It's Time To Tell Somone!

In these treacherous times, God is providing opportunities to share Jesus with others!


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