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David Vigil: The Decapitated Church

With many congregations filled with religious cowardice and legalistic arguments, has the church turned a deaf ear to the call of Christ?


John Bevere: How Can God Use Corrupt Leaders?

Many people ask, “Why does God put people under leaders who make serious mistakes and even some who are wicked?” John Bevere tells us what the Bible says.   

Joseph Prince

Is Joseph Prince's Radical Grace Teaching Biblical?

There's been a lot of criticism of the hypergrace movement, but Joseph Mattera says all of Joseph Prince's teaching isn't beyond the biblical boundaries. Still, he has serious concerns. 


Church Requests 'Only White People' to Greet

In a stunning request, a North Carolina church has asked "only white people" to greet at its front doors in an effort to bring the church's "racial demographic pendulum back to mid-line." Watch the video here. 


Why You Can't Give Up On the Church

Mean-spirited and abusive church leaders have hurt lots of people. If you’ve been wounded, please don’t give up on the church.

Erich Bridges

'Radical' Living for Christ Stirs 'New Legalism' Controversy

Giving your all for Christ—including your life—goes back to the earliest Christian disciples and has been one of the marks of true faith throughout church history. “Radical” living, however, has a more specific meaning in a new controversy.

How the Assemblies of God is Retooling

Find out how Assemblies of God General Superintendent George O. Wood is retooling the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination for the future. 

The Kid Connection

Three new projects highlight the AG’s renewed emphasis on engaging the next generation

Sounds of the Assemblies

The denomination’s new music label showcases the distinct worship rising from AG churches

Moving the Ship

How a Pentecostal businessman is helping the Assemblies of God advance with unified vision

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