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1 Great New Way to Reinvigorate How You Study the Bible

The King James Version of the Bible is perhaps the most influential English-language book in history, linguistically, culturally and spiritually. Now the Modern English Version picks up the mantle for the 21st-century reader. Find out how.


1 Incredible Tool to Change a Generation

From the millions of Bible owners who never actually read the Word to a generation with all-time low engagement with Scripture, we have a Bible crisis on our hands. This new translation aims to fix that.

Verbum Domini exhibit

The Incredible Journey of God's Word to You

The Bible is the most important book ever written. And yet, preserving it for future generations came at great cost for many believers throughout the ages. Now, this fascinating exhibit preserves their sacrifices for future generations.


Where Biblical Reverence Meets Modern Readability

Christian leaders, biblical scholars and noted ministers have heaped praise on the new Modern English Version. But what is it that makes the MEV both truly unique and genuinely necessary for today's church?

Why We Need the MEV

The world can always use another Bible, but does it need another translation? Charisma reports on the state of Scripture engagement today in the United States and how a brand-new translation, the Modern English Version, could impact trends and truly change lives.


The Battle for Biblical Literacy

Biblical literacy is on the decline, but these people are fighting to turn the tide. Watch and take inspiration from their stories for your own part in the war against biblical ignorance and apathy.

Dr. Michael Brown

The Amazing Story of the MEV

Spiritual authorities, Bible scholars, and translators weigh share their insights on the exciting new MEV translation.

The Kingdom-Destroying Influence of a Bitter Heart

Ahithophel who? This insightful biblical episode illustrates the importance of keeping a pure heart as well as the destructive impact of allowing bitterness to creep in and take hold.

But That's Not in the Word!

Throughout history believers have feuded over what is and isn't "scriptural." As debates continue to surround charismatic theology, Peter Wagner takes a closer look at extrabiblical revelation.

George O. Wood

When You're Falsely Accused and Lied About

Have you been falsely accused or lied about? Like David, you may be completely powerless to do anything—other than trust in God. That is what you must do: trust.

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Were Ananias and Sapphira Believers?

Were Ananias and Sapphira believers who were judged by God because of their blatant sin? According to one prominent pastor, they were not, since things like this do not happen to believers in Jesus—to those under grace. What's the truth?


What's the Word?

Which documents tell us the truth about faith once preached and received in the early church? Drs. Darrell L. Bock, Daniel B. Wallace and Ben Witherington discuss the canon of Scripture.

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How to Cast Your Care for Good

Are you worried about a specific relationship or circumstance? Find some key Bible verses you can use to battle worry and fear.

War with the Word

While culture wars may rage, the new Spiritual Warfare Bible helps to equip believers for engaging in the true battle

Bible Study: Making God Your Strength in Weakness

It’s easy to feel timid or reluctant about displaying our faith—especially if we’ve failed before. But what does the Bible really say about our faith and failures. Let's take a look.    

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