An Excellent Witness

A vision came to Neal and Danette Childs of a Christian school in Muslim-occupied Niger; a decade later, it's a reality.

Holy Ghost Gas Station

A chance encounter at a gas station changed the life of one man forever!


If you kept to the Law as much as possible, does it change the fact that you need God's grace?

Faith of God

You have been given all the faith you need so why don't you believe God has given it to you?

Alpha and Omega

If you question who can help you in the trials of today, look no further than the Alpha and Omega!

Sinner! Sinner! Yes, You!

You want to see who is considered a sinner? Everyone needs to look in the mirror.

Is Repentance Required?

Why should you see repentance? Because a compromised life doesn't cut it with God.

Rebellious Rising

Be the prayer warriors for those who are in rebellion against God; God has great plans for them and you!
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