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MAY 2013: Understanding the Holy Spirit

Why is the Spirit represented with a dove? The answer could unlock one of the deep mysteries of our Divine Helper. Perry Stone reveals the wonder of who the Holy Spirit is and why we need Him.

PLUS: T.D. Jakes discusses how God is giving His people an extraordinary opportunity to multiply

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APRIL 2013: The Spiritual Avalanche That Could Kill Millions

Evangelist Steve Hill shares a sobering prophetic warning of the impending spiritual avalanche that could kill millions in the church

PLUS: How to weigh a personal prophecy, no matter who delivers it

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MARCH 2013: 'The Bible' TV Miniseries

The supernatural, behind-the-scenes stories no one else is telling from The Bible TV miniseries produced by reality TV king Mark Burnett and his wife, actress Roma Downey. 

PLUS: Patrick Schatzline explains why God isn’t mad at you; Pop star Katy Perry’s mother shares about standing in the gap for a prodigal child.

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FEBRUARY 2013: Intercessory Evangelism

Discover how Canadian prayer leader Faytene Grasseschi is fighting to change an entire continent with an intercessory cry. 

PLUS: James Robison on why fatherlessness is America’s real problem; Iris Delgado shares what to do while waiting on God’s promises; the spiritual roots of America’s No. 1 killer


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JANUARY 2013: Getting Healthy - Spirit, Soul & Body

Forget fad diets. Charisma can help you jump-start the New Year with God’s definition of “healthy”—body, soul and spirit. Featuring articles from Joyce Meyer, Misty Edwards, Rachel Held Evans and "The Juice Lady."

PLUS: What to do when your parent becomes your child.


DECEMBER 2012: Adopting the Spirit

In this special Christmas issue, we celebrate these everyday heroes who are making a huge difference in the community—and world—around them.

PLUS: Pastor Charles Stanley explains how we miss out on the true meaning of Christmas—and God’s blessing for us—when we fail to “Remember the Gift.”

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OCTOBER 2012: Prayers That Shake America

This special issue is dedicated to the themes emphasized by Anne Gimenez's America for Jesus prayer rally. Gimenez explains why the gathering could be a national turning point, Jonathan Cahn discusses the harbingers of America's future and Jentezen Franklin lays out what kind of prayer God responds to.

PLUS: A day-by-day prayer guide to intercede for our nation in this critical time takes you from Sept. 28 to Election Day

SEPTEMBER 2012: Viral Faith

SEPTEMBER 2012: Viral Faith

Ross Rhode writes how discipleship and the supernatural are a natural expression of a contagious follower of Jesus.

PLUS: National economist and political adviser Marc Nuttle explains why Christians must prepare for an imminent economic disaster that could cripple our nation.

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NOVEMBER 2012: One (Big) Hope

Relatively unknown in the U.s., OneHope has the vision to reach 4.2 billion young lives by 2030—and is well on its way. But for President Rob Hoskins, dreaming big is all he's ever known.

PLUS: Evangelist Randy Clark reports on Brazil’s miracle-filled revival that continues to change the culture of this South American powerhouse.

AUGUST 2012: Victory Over Death

AUGUST 2012: Victory Over Death

Sharon Daugherty never expected to pastor a 17,000-member church alone. Yet the sudden death of her husband changed everything for her and Victory Christian Center.

Also, one of the world's most beloved Baptist pastors shares how to walk in step with the Holy Spirit's promptings.

JULY 2012: Dino Rizzo

JULY 2012: Dino Rizzo

Dino Rizzo's dream of starting a global revolution of service has made his church a hub for no-strings-attached outreach. But for this Louisiana pastor, the revolution's just begun.

Also, why hundreds of today's rising churches embrace Spirit-filled living—but avoid being labeled as 'charismatic.' A pastor explains why.

JUNE 2012: The Church's Response to Racism

JUNE 2012: The Church's Response to Racism

With the issue more complex than ever, the church remains the only hope for reconciliation.

PLUS: The untold story of how pastors in Sanford, Fla., where Trayvon Martin was shot, are crossing racial, denominational and cultural lines to offer the local community hope, healing and true reconciliation.

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