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May 2014: Walking in the Supernatural

Cover Story

Walking in the Supernatural
Randy Clark explains how to move from an average faith into walking with the Holy Spirit and seeing signs, wonders and miracles.

Featured Articles

  • When Angels Intervene
    Six respected charismatic leaders share firsthand accounts and personal revelations involving angelic encounters.
  • Why We Need Supernatural Manifestations in the Church Today
    To be relevant for the kingdom, we must earnestly desire the supernatural.
  • What Supernatural Authority Do You Have?
    What you need to know about binding the spirits, principalities and powers of darkness.
  • The Supernatural Ascension
    Among most evangelicals, Jesus' ascension is largely an uncelebrated event. Here are seven reasons why it matters more than most of us think.
  • The Supernatural Power of Agreement
    How walking in unity with others paves the way for the miraculous.


  • Could recent floods in Mozambique expand the revival Iris Global has seen?
  • College party town meets God's love through Jesus Burgers
  • How a Florida ministry is teaming with pro athletes to help hurting kids
  • A Bridge to Restoration
  • C.S. Lewis adapted for theater (again)


  • This month's resources: Smitty signs Sovereign, Dutch Sheets on Hope, deliverance ministry stories and more.
  • Reviews: Ragamuffin movie, Focus on the Family's Irreplaceable, Anthony Evan's CD and more

April 2014: Mercy in Calcutta


Cover Story

Mercy in Calcutta - How a 60-year-old Pentecostal ministry continues to transform one of the world's most populous citities

Featured Articles

  • Charisma Cares
  • Restoring Life to the Blind
  • Beautiful Blood
  • The Billy Graham of Iran
  • Are You Spiritually Fit for the Days Ahead?
  • But That's Not in the Word!
  • It's Time to Get Rewired


March 2014: The Church at the Crossroads

Cover Story

The Church at the Crossroads - The 8 biggest issues facing the American church today ... and how we must respond.

Featured Articles

  • Liberation or License: The Problem of Grace
  • The Great Gay Deception
  • Modern Family?
  • How to End the Greatest Massacre in History
  • God's Not Scared of New Atheism
  • God's Plan for True Social Justice
  • Christian: It's More Than Just a Label
  • The Problem With Being Relevant

February 2014: The Spirit of Adoption

Cover Story

The Spirit of Adoption - How Spirit-led churches are taking action to alleviate our nation's orphan crisis.

Featured Articles

  • Marriage Tune-up
  • No More Gifts?
  • San Fran's Saving Prayer
  • Single Purpose

January 2014: Prayer & Fasting

Cover Story

Prayer & Fasting - How to move heaven and earth with a fasted lifestyle of RADICAL prayer

Featured Articles

  • Rewards for Fasting?
  • Audacious Prayers
  • 10 Tips For a Healthy Fast
  • Truth about Yoga

December 2013: Emmanuel: When God Is With Us

Cover Story

Emmanuel: When God Is With Us - Supernatural Stories of Jesus' Presence, Protection and Provision

Featured Articles

  • Keeping Christ in Christmas
  • How God Defines Success
  • Peru's Revival

November 2013: Feeding Children Everywhere

Cover Story

Feeding Children Everywhere - How a young ministry is using marketplace innovation to fight global hunger.

Featured Articles

  • 7 Signs of Spiritual Attack
  • Used By God
  • Baby Drop Box
  • Life-Saving Gifts

October 2013: Israel In Target

Cover Story

Israel In Target - With anti-semitism surging globally, Jack Hayford explains why Israel needs the Church now more than ever.

Featured Articles

  • Supernatural Holocaust Art
  • Top 7 Reasons to Visit the Holy Land
  • Exclusive Report: Where Your Israel Donation REALLY Goes

September 2013: Saving America

  • Don’t believe America’s in crisis? Tell that to evangelistic giants Billy Graham and Reinhard Bonnke, who, along with other evangelists, are focusing on America’s spiritual salvation like never before.
  • How Christians’ response to Muslims is creating a major crisis inside and outside the church
  • As His free gift to us, grace gives us access to God’s power for everything we need in life. But amid the current-day distortions surrounding grace, it’s crucial we get a true revelation of this undeserved favor of God.
  • Luis Reyes remembers running the streets at night for fear of losing his life if he returned home. Yet today God is using his journey to create a safe place for thousands of children, giving them a hope they never knew could be theirs.
  • The Old Testament’s accounts of idolatry aren’t so old in light of the idols Americans worship today. Is there hope for tearing these down and avoiding God’s judgment?

August 2013: Assemblies of God 2.0 | Eye Covenant

  • How Assemblies of God General Superintendent George O. Wood is retooling the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination for a new generation
  • Pastor and author Mark Batterson asks: Are you “all in” for God?
  • Convoy of Hope co-founder Dave Donaldson unveils the secret to sharing
  • Why Karen Jensen didn’t blame God after her husband suddenly died in his sleep
  • Bob Sorge explains how to walk in victory over sexual temptation ... through a covenant with your eyes

July 2013: The Worship Issue

July’s special worship-themed issue features 13 of the most well-known worship leaders offering their insight on 13 different aspects of worship, including:

  • Darlene Zschech on how the Holy Spirit uses our praise to elevate us above life’s storms
  • Misty Edwards on why singing simple prayers can change history
  • Israel Houghton on the power of being excellent before God
  • Kari Jobe on the greatest words Jesus longs to hear
  • Brazilian worship leader Ana Paula on how prophetic songs are shaping her nation
  • Former Delirious? frontman Martin Smith on what global revival sounds like
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JUNE 2013: Revival in Egypt

  • Exclusive report on how God is moving behind the scenes in Egypt—despite increasing persecution, a radical Islamic government and economic hardship
  • Rachel Burchfield uncovers the secret to experiencing supernatural abundance
  • Mike Shreve explains how to stand on the promises of God for your children
  • Hobby Lobby CEO David Green on his company’s fight for religious freedom
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