An Open Letter to President Trump: Don't Give Up; Multitudes Are Praying for You

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I read a recent post from an individual involved in meetings with the president who revealed, "He is betrayed from within."

My heart broke. What must it be like for President Trump or the first lady as they lie in bed in the dark of night alone with their thoughts? They have been betrayed by many, even some of their closest advisers and friends. Whom can they trust? How can they continue to withstand such an onslaught?

This open letter to President Trump, I believe, speaks for the majority of the American people:

Dear Mr. President,

First, we want to thank you for all you have endured since taking office and the relentless attacks against you personally, against your family and against your leadership. Those attacking you do not speak for us.

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As you so well stated, "In reality, they're not after me; they're after you. I'm just in the way." And boy, you have been in their way. We had no idea how deep and wide the corruption spread and would have never known, if not for you and your willingness to remain in this thankless position, day after day taking the hits as you worked without pay, donating your salary to others.

You could have continued your life as a billionaire, basking in the praise of those who now work to destroy you. But you didn't. And we thank you.

Although the media has tried to hide your many accomplishments, we see them, and it's time you were properly thanked for them.

We applaud the historic and unprecedented peace agreements you brokered between Sudan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Morocco with Israel, which have resulted in a geopolitical transformation in the Middle East and Africa.

We applaud your early, bold decisions to shut down travel between the U.S. and China as the coronavirus crossed our borders and your ongoing work to eradicate the virus. Your detractors publicly mocked and ridiculed your decision, but it significantly slowed the initial outbreak.

We applaud your negotiations with China to turn around the horrible trade agreements from previous administrations. The tariffs you put in place on China, Mexico, Canada and the European Union, among others, have helped restore America to a place of profitability on imports from these countries.

Thank you for restoring our military and economic strength, which had been whittled down to nothing by previous administrations. With the now very real threat from China against us, I shudder to think where we would be right now if you had not taken those steps.

Prior to COVID-19, you restored hundreds of thousands of jobs, which we were told would never return. You also have strategically worked to bring back jobs from overseas to the American worker. This created historic lows in our unemployment numbers, especially for the Black community. We saw our economy and the stock market skyrocket upward, all thanks to your business acumen and wise decisions. Thank you.

Thank you for the Payment Protection Program during this strange year of COVID-19 and standing especially with small business owners and their employees, as well as keeping our food distribution chain in place when others tried to shut it down and take it over.

You have worked to restore the rights of the unborn and of the religious community and to stop religious persecution, child trafficking and drug trafficking, which had been allowed a free reign in our country.

And you did what other U.S. presidents promised but failed to do when you acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moved our embassy. You stood with our closest ally in the Middle East and restored our relationship with Israel. As a result, you also opened America to receive God's blessing as we honored His people rather than dishonoring them.

All of these major accomplishments and more were ignored or ridiculed by the press, but we saw them and applaud you. Only petty, jealous people refuse to give credit where credit is due. Please allow us to give you the title you so completely deserve as the true "Person of the Year."

Courageous leaders are able to step out and make the kind of bold decisions you have made. You have been the leader America desperately needed. As injustice prevailed time and again at the highest levels of leadership, we felt hopeless. We felt we had no voice. You have been our voice and have fought for us.

How do you stand up to such relentless attacks? It is only possible with God's help. Know we are praying for you and standing with you. Please do not give up or step down. We voted you into office, and we need you to stay. If you will not back down, neither will we.

Be encouraged that just as in the days of old, God is in control. This isn't on your shoulders but His. And He is well able to deliver us. God has always delivered His people through the hands of a man or woman willing to be used by Him. Thank you for being that man. And now we stand solidly with you in prayer and action as we continue to trust that what God has done in the past to bring justice and deliver His people, He will do again.

Merry Christmas, Mr. President. Don't give up. We are praying for you!

Lord, we would have despaired unless we had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Lord we wait for You. We pray that You would strengthen the hearts of our president and first lady. Give them supernatural strength, courage and wisdom. Though a host encamp against them, may their hearts not fear. Though war rise against us, in spite of this we will be confident that in the day of trouble, You will conceal us in Your secret place (Ps. 27:13-14). We pray protection over the president, his family and staff and the White House and thank you for delivering us from the plans of evil to bring about Your plan for our nation.

Reprinted with permission from Intercessors for America—

Karen Hardin is a literary agent, author and intercessor. Her work has appeared in USA Today, World Net Daily, Intercessors For America, Charisma,, The Elijah List and so on. Order her new book, Infected: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity. To join the city-by-city prayer movement to save our nation, go to

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