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What in the World is Happening?

Unsure of how to live life right now? Look to Daniel for staying God-centered in difficult circumstances.

Giving to Israel Righteously

Giving from the heart is important; knowing it is going to a legitimate organization is also important.

Aim at Heaven

Keep your aim in life focused on God and His teachings and not on what this fallen world seeks.

We Are Being Groomed

The ongoing debates about the COVID-19 vaccine mandate could give hints about another "mark" forced upon us soon.

The Myth of Coexistence

Coexisting sounds like a great idea, if everyone involved believed in it.

Anger Management

To God, anger is best when it matches what angers God.

What Did Jesus Preach?

The words of Jesus in the Bible may not be the words shared by some churches today.

Beauty in Design

Beauty is all around us but who designed it all?
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