Have we forgotten what real evangelism looks like?

How to Be a Real Evangelist

It seems like we've all forgotten what real evangelism looks like. What can we learn from Jesus’ first evangelists?

Will the Real Church Please Stand Up?

Millions in America label themselves “Christian” yet don’t follow Christ. It’s time the church defined itself by the marks of true discipleship.


4 Things We Must Do for Millennials

Stats and shootings prove millennials are a lost generation reaping what those before them sowed. But will the church lead them home?

Joey Prusak

What Good Can Good Do?

Benevolence is nice, but believers have a greater opportunity—to reflect Jesus—through faith in action. Charisma editor Marcus Yoars asks: What good can you do?


5 Ways to Stand With Israel in Crisis

As this anti-Semitism grows and Israel’s neighboring countries set their military sights on the Holy Land, it’s increasingly imperative that we stand with the Jewish people. Here are 5 ways.

Are You A House of Prayer?

Let’s not forget how simple and fundamental prayer is both on an individual and corporate level. If we’re called a house of prayer, isn’t it time we start being it?


Making Your Faith Go Viral

Charisma's editor Marcus Yoars explains how God is reinjecting viral faith throughout His church today. Will you let it spread wildly to and through you?

10 Revolutions for the New Year

The American church needs some radical changes during these times, not more broken resolutions. Here's how to revolutionize 2013. 

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