With God, it's never too late for you.

With God, It's Never Too Late

Have you ever felt this way or do you know of anyone who feels this way right now? They might need to hear these encouraging words.

Each of us has a journey to the Cross, where we put off the old wretched man and put on Christ.

'... That Saved a Wretch Like Me'

As we approach Resurrection Sunday, each of us should take a moment (or maybe more) to reflect on what the grace given us by the cross means in our lives.

When you find yourself faced with these situations, find your way to the cross. It's your only hope.

Dear Jesus: What Do I Do When ...

Have you ever found yourself praying and asking Jesus any of the following questions? Don't worry, you're not alone.

Cam Newton became a hit with the fans this season, but like many of us, he may need some maturing.

An Open Letter to Cam Newton

Cam Newton, you may not care about your behavior after the Super Bowl right now, but remember this: God loves love you and wants a relationship with you.

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