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Eagles Arising

The time has come for God's eagles to rise!

The Unusuals Have Arrived

I saw an army of unusual people advancing to the forefront during an end-time revival.

Come and Dine with Me

As I walked up to the tent, I pulled back the veil to go in. I saw the Lord (Jesus) sitting there at a table.

Strength In Your Inner Man

Come away with Me over the next few weeks ... come tabernacle with Me and receive the extra strength that is so needed for your weary soul.

Operation Sovereign Takeback

No longer will the church be afforded the option of being silent and taking a neutral position.

Tap Into God's Unseen Power

The shaking you see now is the evidence of an unseen power waiting to be released over you.

Warring in Wisdom as Kings!

This is not the appointed time for the Antichrist to reign; no, this is the time for the church to reign
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